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Hacky Sack Snowballs

hacky sack snowball tutorial

This hacky sack snowball tutorial is totally given credit to my Sister-in-law Amber. She passed these around at our Christmas party this year and they were a hit….with the adults.
She mentioned how she had put them together, so today, we are sharing this fantabulous project.

snow balls with fleece 1

Materials needed:
white fleece – you can go with the fuzzy fleece too or a fake fur
template for the hacky sack ball

polyfil stuffing

Download the pdf file for this project from my free resource library.

Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

Hacky Sack Snowballs

1) Cut out the hacky sack templates

2) Cut out two pieces per snowball using the templates

3) Pin the center of the rounded end to the center of the valley

4) Continue pinning around the sides.  The centers should match up just like you did in step 3

snowball tutorial pinning

5) Sew all the way around the piece, leaving a 2″ opening

snowball with fleece sew it all the way around

6) Turn right sides out and stuff firmly with polyfil

snowball stuff firmly

7) Stitch the opening closed with a ladder stitch (quick ladder stitch tutorial just in case you need help with that)

ladder stitch the opening closed

These are so fun to make and the more you have the funner it is.

Perfect for indoor fun…when it’s too cold to go outside and play in the snow.  They are pretty family room friendly as they are soft, but if they get in the hand with the ‘tough’ kids you might run into a couple of problems.

Really though, I’d actually rather get hit with one of these in the face then a real snowball!  (does anyone else have a target on their upper body with a snowball?!)

snow balls tutorial 2

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4 thoughts on “Hacky Sack Snowballs

  1. Aline

    Where do you find the pattern for the furry snowballs

  2. Jo

    I, too, would like the pattern for the furry snowballs. Please email me the location for the pattern.

  3. Becky

    click on the hacky sack template or the snowball template. Have fun!

  4. Amber

    Thanks Becky for mentioning the snow balls and sharing it on your website.

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