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Tic Tac Toe Toss Game Tutorial

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Learn how to sew your own tic tac toe toss game. Easy instructions, toss in the car and play anywhere!

The outdoors is a great place to be during the summer.  This super simple tic tac toe toss game is great for doing just that.  They aren’t that large and can be tossed in a bag or in the car for a ride to the park or to a neighbors home.

Besides tic tac toe – these pieces can be use for tossing on a bull’s eye mark, into buckets, measure how far you can throw… the ideas are endless when the kids are involved!

We haul ours around with a piece of chalk.  The game boards can easily be drawn and the chalk dust on the pieces won’t harm them.  They simply brush right off.

Learn how to sew your own tic tac toe toss game. Easy instructions, toss in the car and play anywhere!

Materials Needed:

Fabric:  12–  6″ X 6″ squares

* 3-4 colors of fabric  We used yellow, red and grey (the backs of the toss pieces are all the same fabric. You could choose to do 2 different colors for 4 color options if you’d like)

12– 6″ X 6″ muslin fabric (used for the weight lining)

rice, wheat, sand or whatever you prefer for weighting the toss pieces with

Additional Supplies

tic tac toe1

Tic Tac Toe Game Sewing Instructions:

1) Find a plate or something round to use for your template 5″ Circle.
2) Cut out 3 yellow, 3 red, 6 gray , 12 muslin using your template
3) Place together 2 muslin circles
4) Sew with a 1/2″ seam all the way around leaving a 2″ opening do not turn!
5) Fill generously with poly pellets
6) Sew opening closed
7) Place color on one side and one gray on either side of filled muslin circles- right sides facing outward
8) Sew all the way around the circle with a 1/4″ seam
9) Sew a second seam all the way around the circle
Outsides will have raw edges. You can leave them alone or use pinking shears to control the fraying.

game pieces
10) Repeat with other game pieces until you have 3 of each color

red and yellow toss game

This project would be a great little one for making for a birthday party or a neighborhood get together.  Let the kids come up with their own toss games….there are a whole bunch of games to play with these!

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