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Embroidery Small Quilt {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

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A few years ago I had sewn up this super cute embroidery sampler designed by Wee Wonderfuls.  I loved the background– an embroidered sampler quilt.  I should have replaced the whisk with a needle/thread….now that I look at it. Oh well.

We had a challenge a little bit back, and I sent along this unfinished quilt block.  What came back was a wonderful small quilt- complete with scalloped border, bound and a wire hanger!  Happy, Happy, Happy.

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small quilt on wire hanger /

I won’t be giving full instructions here- just giving you an idea of what you can do with your orphan quilt blocks.    After bordering the quilt block, you can scallop the edge {this is definitly going above and beyon, but i love it!}.  The binding was done in the same color as the tiny sashing around the block.

Hand quilting was added after the top, batting and back were pinned together.  Simple design.  Don’t need to go too crazy here.

small quilt up close

The back was given a little tube so the small quilt could hang from the bar.

back of small quilt showing the hanging sleeve

I was so lucky to recieve this back! I adore what was done and it sits on my side table in the sewing cottage.  I am so glad I dug it out of the drawer and it became something wonderful.  Thanks Sylvia for taking the time to make this.  I love it!

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If you are sewing along with us and making up something with your UFO Quilt Blocks {even if you find your own way of sewing them together} we would all love a little peeksee!

Post them in the UFO Quilt Block Photo Gallery.  

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2 thoughts on “Embroidery Small Quilt {52 UFO Quilt Block Pick Up}

  1. Karen

    I think that “whisk” is actually a rug beater, which was used in times past to “beat” the dirt out of the rug, or in this case, the quilt. I love the little embroidery piece, it is adorable! And I am REALLY enjoying your site, also. I have learned so much from it.

  2. Jennifer David

    This indeed is a super cute embroidery sampler, looks fun to embroider.

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