Elastic Bracelet DIY

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These elastic bracelets are so simple!  They are made using those super cute fold over elastics and one button that you can’t live without.

The girls helped me make these….they would be great for parties or little presents for some friends.  Maybe even make them into kits and give them out like that.

handmade elastic bracelet tutorial

Materials Needed:

fold over elastic


needle and thread

fray check

elastic bracelet tutorial

Elastic Bracelet Tutorial:

1)  Wrap the elastic around your wrist and mark where you would like it.

2)  Add 1/2″ to the elastic

3)  Cut the elastic and use fray check on the ends

4)  Fold one end 1/4″-1/2″ and hand stitch in place to secure. Button hole stitch or whip stitch would work great

fold end and stitch

5)  Hand stitch button in place

hand stitch button

6)  Wrap around your wrist and mark where to cut the button hole

cut your button hole

7)  Cut the button hole and use fray check on raw ends

elastic bracelet tutorial


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