baby quilt with pre quilted fabric
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Pre Quilted Fabric Baby Quilt

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Using pre quilted fabric you can make a double sided quilt in one day.  There are a lot of fun patterns and prints out there with pre quilted fabric.  So many to choose from!

What makes this a fun project is that you are using the same fabric for the one quilt, but before you sew the outside borders to the center you will turn the fabric around so the opposite side is showing.

baby quilt with pre quilted fabric

To keep the raw edge seams from showing on the one side, you will use ribbon to hide it. If you’d like you can make your own ‘ribbon’ by using fabric hem tape.  This little spot is a great place to put a fun little punch of color or pattern into the quilt.

Materials Needed:

reversible pre quilted fabric

ribbon or hem tape 1 1/2″ X 5 yards


prequilted fabric baby quilt

Pre Quilted Fabric Baby Quilt Pattern~

1)  Cut the center of your quilt 36″ X 36″

2)  Cut two sides: 6″ X 36″

3)  Sew the two sides to the center of the quilt– reversing the side

4)  Iron the seam open and place the ribbon or hem tape on top of the raw edge of the seam– center it

5)  Pin the ribbon in place and then Sew on side of the ribbon to secure to the quilt

sew the ribbon in place

6)  Cut two sides: 6″ X 48″

7) Repeat the steps 3-5

8)  Bind the outside edge….if you’d like you can scallop the edge before

These measurements are totally customizable. If you’d like a bigger quilt, cut the center larger and the sides or borders wider also.

The ribbon or hem tape will only be showing on side of the quilt.  The other will have finished seams.

quilted fabric baby quilt

Do you have a favorite project or quilt to make with pre quilted fabric?

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