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Double Sided Fabric Quilt Tutorial

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This quick tutorial will show you how to use your double sided fabric. With a single fold you can make a quilt- any size! Video to help you along.

I ended up with a small piece of faux leather, which had this fuzzy fake fur on one side and faux leather on the other.  After thinking for a bit….I mean how in the world do you finish that?! I decided that a single fold hem would work perfectly.

I picked the fuzzy to fold over on top of the faux leather.  Looks great and because the edges don’t ravel they can be left raw….can’t get quicker and better than that!

This tutorial is perfect for those pre-quilted fabric, fleece, minky.  That kind of fabric.

If you do find that you have a raw edge that isn’t cooperating, watch the double fold hem video and you’ll learn how to do the similar process with no raw edge showing.  Fantastic right?! Oh yeah!

corners of doll blanket p

Materials Needed:

fabric with two sides that you like- any size you prefer.  Depending on your project.  I made mine into a little doll quilt

faux leather quilt tutorial with a single fold hem plus video to help

Double Sided Fabric Quilt Tutorial

1- take one edge of the fabric and fold it over.  Feel free to audition different depths of the hem or binding.  I went with something in between 1/2″ to 1″.  The trick is, once you decide what it is- be consistent.  Keep this the same for the whole project.

2- Stitch down to secure.

3- Corner are a little tricky- watch the video to see how its done. And- they miter too!

fuzzy blanket for dolls p

Have you worked with this kind of fabric before?  What project did you make with it?

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  1. Ellen

    Hi Becky, This is super cute! What fabric did you use may I ask? And where did you get it please? It looks like our Bonded Cuddle 🙂


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