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Chain Stitching Tutorial Plus Video

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In this video tutorial I show you fun, simple and quick chain stitching can be! It’s simple- just feed your pieces of fabric through the machine and sew.

There comes a point in time when you just want to sew.  You want to sew fast. You don’t want to think about the stitches, the placement, snipping thread, the layout.

Just you and the sewing machine and some fabric.

That is what chain piecing is all about.  It’s about sewing pieces together fast.

You just push fabric through that needle, push the peddle to the metal and X your fingers that your bobbin doesn’t run out.

This my friends is what I have been doing a few times recently.  It makes the time go by so quickly and no matter what, you feel pretty accomplished with your nice pile of sewn bits at the end of the sewing session.

How to – Chain Stitching + Video

1- have all your pieces ready to go, place your fabric piles next to your sewing space within reach of your hands

2- grab two pieces and line them up properly

3- feed the pieces through the needle and sew, sew, sew

4- repeat with all other pieces. DO NOT snip the thread in between.

The thread is what keeps your pile in order sort of and makes it a little easier to handle. Plus, you have less chance of getting your fabric stuck in the feed dogs or your thread pulling out.

When you are at the end of the line, sew on a piece of scratch fabric and then cut your thread.

You can now snip your pieces apart, iron them well and start over- depending on the next step in your sewing process.
chain stitching tutorial with video

Now that you have a bunch of maybe 4 patches or other patchwork done-– check out these free quilt tutorials:  Quick Quilts Tutorials

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