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Sew Smoothly With A Leader Fabric Or Piece Of Scrap Fabric

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Today I’m going to show you a quick tip that will help you to sew smoothly with a leader fabric or piece of scrap fabric. This leader fabric is the answer to many issues!

It’s pretty simple really– it’s all about using a little piece of fabric at just the right time.

Have you found yourself a little upset at your machine?

Does it keep eating all the fabric and points when you start sewing?


sewing with a leader fabric video tutorial

Leader Fabric – Video Tutorial

1- grab a little fabric piece from the scrap jar and sew it first thing

2- leave that little piece in place and then sew your next item

3- when you are done stitching with your machine the pieces, snip the leader fabric or scrap and then resew it — leave it in your machine

You’ll want to start and stop each sewing project with the scrap leader in place.

It really will save a lot of frustrations and birds nest of thread hiding under your fabric.

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Have any other hints to share with us about using leaders and enders when you sew?



3 thoughts on “Sew Smoothly With A Leader Fabric Or Piece Of Scrap Fabric

  1. Kathy E.

    Becky, thank you for this helpful video! “Leaders” have always puzzled me, but no longer! This completely makes sense and now I know how to put an end to that puckering.

  2. Becky

    yay!! I love little things that make sewing go smoother.

  3. Betty Tompsett

    I am glad I saw this set a starter square video, I am about to do my first small squares quilt and this should be a great help, thank you

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