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Today’s story is from Chris-  (she is a member of

My friend and prolific quilter, Phyllis Schrag, retired from teaching secondary education and partnered with a school principal from our church to bless kids–many of whom came from immigrant households–with a nap quilt as a reward for achieving a goal set by the teacher and student at the beginning of a quarter. Four quarters and 24 teachers means making 96 quilts a year!

Phyllis and I were visiting a homebound lady from our church one day about two years ago, and she was telling me about the challenge. I offered to help. She asked me to cut six-and-a-half inch squares out of whatever cotton fabric I had on hand. When the squares were cut, I called her about delivering them and she replied, “No, no! You sew them together now.”

So you see, I was tricked into trying quilting!

I hadn’t sew much since I was in college but I fell in love with this crazy idea of cutting up perfectly good fabric and then sewing the pieces together in some kind of arrangement. I retired the first of the year.

I try to make a quilt a month; but I’m also busy seeing the country with my husband so I don’t always succeed in my quilt-a-month goal.

I probably wouldn’t make quilts for the sake of making them. It’s contemplating the joy of some child choosing my quilt for her or his very own that keeps me motivated.

A little bit about Chris-

I’m a wife of forty-five years, mother to a grown son, mother-in-law to a wonderful daughter-in-law and proud grandmother to a sixteen-year-old granddaughter. My biggest challenge is keeping my sister from stealing my quilts! She collects quilts and never feels she has her share! My sister and her husband are traveling companions with my husband and me.

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