25+ Cute Fabric Gift Bags You Can Sew

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There are always a plethora of ideas when it comes to presents–  usually.  Gift bags…they are a different story!

Sometimes it’s just fun to do something different and outside of ‘the box’.  Sometimes it’s just fun to sew a gift bag– and then reuse it another year!

This year, how about making cute fabric gift bags you can sew!

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25+ Cute Fabric Gift Bags

clothgiftbag DSC00373-p1
fabric-drawstring-gift-bag-tutorial-title how to make a cinch sack tutorial / patchwork posse
christmas_gift_wrapping full_829_88922_FabricGiftBags_1
 FabricBags ducktapebag
 Felt-Valentines-Day-heart-bag-2_zpsdd45e162 fabric-gift-bags-by-ellison-lane
 t-shirt-giftbags full_5474_12903_GoodyBags_1
 Fabric-Gift-Pouch ReusableFabricGiftBags_Skip
 the-red-thread-fabric-gift-bags-tutorial Scrunchy Bow Crafts with livelaughrowe.com
 JewelleryWrapBagF full_5187_77489_GingerbreadManFeltGiftTag_1
 giftcardpocket-1024x682 heart-button-for-envelope
gift wrap ideasuse brown paper to wrap or mail a litlte present. patchwork posse

Do you have a favorite way of wrapping a gift?


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