DIY Quilt Ladders

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Quilt Ladders are one of my favorite ways to display blankets or… my quilts!

My grandfather – Leon was a wood maker man.  He had his own workshop out the back of his home where he cut and sanded a bunch of little wood projects.  My mom got a great idea (this happens alot) and sent him some instructions to make 5 quilt ladders.  One for each- my sister, and 2 sister in laws, me and of course herself as well.

Leon was one to please and set out to put them together.  I’ve had mine for over 8 years and while I still have to finish the ladder, I have it out and it’s always loaded with quilts.


This is where it was found in my bedroom before we moved.  See– blonde wood. Unfinished.  But I love it.

It’s just the right side for loading heavy quilts on and propping on the wall.  I can easily move it around and re-station it where ever I feel like it.

There are 4 rungs on mine which are quite spaced out…but with the diy quilt ladders- you can customize it to whatever will fit what you need.


My quilt ladder features a wider top bar that is removable and has a bottom plate to keep it more securely in place, but really a super simple quilt ladder will do the trick.

After looking for a bit I’ve come up with a little collection you can use as reference if you are looking to make your own.

They are a little bit of work, but if you have a handy man around the house- I’m sure you will be just fine! (or maybe that handy man is you!)

There is a variety of styles including dowel bars, flat bars, some are painted, others stained.  You could even pick and choose the style and finish and then using the tutorials get it done!

diy quilt ladders tutorial and how to I want to make one!

Quilt Ladders you can Make~



Potter Barn Knock off

quilt ladder tutorial

Quilt Ladder Tutorial

DIY Wooden Blanket Ladder

$10 Quilt Ladder

Blanket Storage Ladder

quilt ladder how to diy
DIY Quilt Ladder

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