Customized Luggage Tags {52 Quilt Block Pick Up}

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It’s almost time to start packing your bags for those Holidays– and that means finding your luggage when it jumps off of the round about.  I seem to search and search for my bags, maybe this time with my own customized luggage tags I can quickly track mine down.

Make a customized luggage tag with your quilt blocks |

Materials needed:

Quilt block

fabric scrap the same size as quilt block


clear plastic for pocket

hem tape

ribbon 12″ long


1)  Layer the quilt block, batting, ribbon, backing

sew a customized luggage tag tutorial

2)   Sew all the way around the quilt block – edges will be raw.  Make sure to tuck in the ribbon on one point in between the layers.

3)  Sew hem tape accross the top of clear plastic for the pocket

4)  Place the plastic on top of the back of the luggage tag and sew again all the way around the quilt block- drop the hem top just a bit from the top edge so it doesn’t get sewn in the next step

clearn pocket on luggage tag

5)  Write info on a paper and stick into the pocket

luggage tag tutorial with a quilt block

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