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How to End a Crochet Project

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You are all finished with your crochet project.  It looks fantastic.  What you aren’t sure of is how you can finish this thing!  What happens to the yarn?  Do you just cut the end?  What are all of the start and stop ends of yarn?  Where do they go?

how to end a crochet project

Let’s work these out together so your project can start being used instead of wait forever to be finished.

How to End a Crochet Project~

1)  Do one slip stitch at the end of the row and pull your yarn through– Cut this yarn tail, then pull the tail through the loop.  Pull it tight until it kind of knots or secures itself

2)  Now you will see that you have two crochet tails- one at the beginning and one at the end.

crochet wash cloth tutorial

2) Push your hook (you can change to a smaller size hook if it’s easier) through a couple of crochet loops in the project.  Make sure you are not going all the way to the other side of the project.  You will want to just go through the top loops of the crochet chain.

crochet pulling your ties through

3)  Pull the tail through the loops. You can repeat this a couple of times until you have traveled a bit from where the yarn started.  Maybe tuck 2″ of yarn into the project.

4)  Snip off any tail that is still showing after you have tucked it through the loops.

5)  Repeat with any other yarn tails you spot.  Your tail should be pretty hidden in the stitches.

crochet up close

crochet wash cloth how to

Now that you know how to end a crochet project….you are ready to start a few new ones?

Here you’ll find all the crochet projects– or you can crochet your own coffee cup cozy, or a skillet pan handle cover.

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