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How to Start a Crochet Chain

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Crochet can be a great little hobby.  It is a little bit of mindless work.  That is the reason I like it.  I can sit in front of the t.v. or hang out with the kids at the park and have a little something to keep my fingers busy.

There is a little bit of counting and if you are following a pattern you do need to pay attention to a few things, but really it’s just quick and simple- easy to do.

how to crochet a chain

As with most of the crochet projects out there, you will need to start with a crochet chain.  Learning how to start a crochet chain can be a bit tricky.  If your look isn’t right it will fall apart.  If you get your count off at the beginning it will not look right.  How about today we learn how to get it right so everything turns out fantastic.

How to Start a Crochet Chain

1)  Twist your yarn so it overlaps the other and makes a loop- the loop will be on top of the yarn that is still attached to the ball.


2)  Place your crochet hook inside the look and with your fingers pinch the bottom of the loop to make sure it stays- your needle will be coming up from the back of the loop.  See where the loop is still crossing on top?


3)  With your crochet hook- snatch the yarn and pull so it is in the hook


4)  Using the hook still, pull the yarn through the loop that is already on the hook- notice that there is now only one loop on the hook again.


5)  Repeat hooking the yarn and pulling it through the loop on the hook until you have the desired length you need, or the pattern calls for.


Now that you have the crochet chain down….you are ready to start a few new projects!  

Here you’ll find all the crochet projects– or you can crochet your own coffee cup cozy, or a skillet pan handle cover.

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