Cranky Quilt Show offs

There were a few that had completed TOPS last night at quilt group. With the long post on math yesterday i thought i would save the pics for their own day.

ย I love them all!! They are so very different in their own way…and do you know what? They really aren’t that cranky ๐Ÿ™‚

For all the rows and instructions visit the Cranky Quilt.

Did you miss one of the blocks?
Pinwheel block
Basket Block
Ohio Star Block
Friendship start Block
Rail Fence Block
9 Patch Block

Log Cabin Quilt block

see how she mixed some pinwheels with the rail fence at the top? click it for big to see the ric rac on one row. She said she didn’t have enough orange for a sashing piece. love it though.

Do you see the little triangles on the right side? cute filler, not just sashing piece. love it.

see the mini pin wheels at the top right? and the little presents? look how big those log cabin pieces are!

very ‘rose cottage sheek’

There are still a few still working on rows…no biggie.

here they are showing off their block ….or not ๐Ÿ™‚

And just because—Chocolate Quilt Tops

Doesn’t this one make you think ‘mint’?

This little gal went to a birthday party. I think that i like making these. There will be a few more popping into the shop soon.

Made a messenger bag. Went into the shop.

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