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Cranky Quilt- math lesson

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Finishing up here. So how are the blocks/rows coming along? anyone have anything done?
Today we will figure out HOW to figure out the rows. We will be using a little math today. Nothing difficult. Just bring your blocks and a calculator to help you along. Make sense? ok then. let’s get to it.
You have all of these blocks right? Maybe they are lucky enough to be sewn into a row? Hopefully so. Now you are not sure what to do with them? Let me help. Well, attempt. Well, suggest a few things so YOU can get them together as a quilt top.
1) Take all the blocks and find a place that has a big open space. Big enough to handle that dandy cute quilt you are ready to put together. Move some furniture and get it ready for assembly.
2) Lay out all the blocks in their respective rows. Place them right next to each other to start.
3) Look at all the rows of blocks and jump up and down. You are 1/2 finished!! They are cute aren’t they? You did a great job!!!
4) Look at the rows again and figure out which one is the longest. This should be kind of an obvious one. If not, find the ones that you are thinking are the largest and measure ONE block from that row. The one with the largest measurement will obviously be the largest row. OK? get it?
5) Now, you need to decide if you want to make this row bigger. Do you want to add sashing in between each block? **THIS ROW WILL DETERMINE HOW BIG THE WIDTH OF THE QUILT IS + ANY BORDERS YOU PUT ON** If you want to add a sashing go ahead and cut it the width you want X the length of the block.
6) Sew all the sashing and blocks together. Iron it all nice like. Yay, one row finished!!
7) MEASURE the length of this completed row. WRITE that number down! on your hand, scrap paper, wall, where ever. You need to refer to it each time you make a new row….so keep it handy.
8) Go to the next row of blocks. Measure the block and then SUBTRACT 1/2 inch. This will give you the finished block size. Look at that row– how many blocks do you have? Take the number of blocks and add their FINISHED block size all together.
9) Take the number of the row you are working on and SUBTRACT it from the written down finished row number.
10) This new number will tell you how many inches you need to add to get it to that finished row size. Are you all making a funny face? Read it again……s l o w l y…..it will eventually make sense.
11) There are a couple of options here…….
A} sew all the blocks together – put a spacer sashing on the two edges. To do this….sew all the blocks together. Then measure that length. Subtract the number from the written down number and then DIVIDE by 2. —-because you are putting a spacer sashing on 2 sides. get it? You will need to ADD 1/2 inch to EACH PIECE you are cutting!!!!!!!! if you don’t they will be too short and you will say naughty words. Make sure you add that salvedge 1/2 inch. You will need to cut 2 pieces that are the width (the number you came up with after dividing by 2 and adding the 1/2 inch) X the length (of the block you are sewing it to )
B} Put a sashing in between each of the blocks. To do this…. do step 9. Now count how many spaces you have for that row. Are you putting a sashing just between the blocks, are you putting one on each end also? figure that in too. Divide the number from step 9 by the number of spaces. This will give you the width of each sashing piece. Then ADD 1/2 inch to it for your selvedge again. You will need to cut the number of sashing pieces that are the width plus the 1/2 inch X the length of the block you are adding them to.
12) Sew the sashing to the blocks and your 2nd row is now complete!!!
13) Continue with this same process until all the rows are finished.
14) Sew all the rows together.
15) Add any borders you would like. Because i used a white tiny patterned fabric for the back ground I decided to do a 2″ border the same as the background. Then i did a patterned border.
To do this…… Fold the quilt top over in half and measure it in the center {on the fold}. Cut the 2 pieces {one for top, one for bottom} the width you would like X the measurement. Sew one to the top and one to the bottom. Pin along that edge to keep it from pulling or scrunching too much.
Now fold the quilt over sideways. Measure it in the center along the fold line. Cut the 2 pieces {one for the right, one for the left} the width you would like X the measurement. Sew one to the right and one to the left. Pin along that edge to keep it from pulling or scrunching too much.
Here is the quilt:

See- some are sashed in between the blocks. Others are just at the 2 ends. Do whatever you feel like. No matter how you try….It won’t be cranky after all. it’s yours. you be the boss. Show those blocks who is the one in charge.

For anyone who has done any of the blocks, rows, or finished tops we would LOVE to see them!!! Flickr it for us, please.

This has been so fun to do and i am loving all the blocks and rows everyone is putting together. Thanks for coming and joining in on the fun and letting me be bossy with you all!!! I think that is my favorite part. hee hee

I had the row quilt as my excuse as being cranky. Now that it is done….what do i do? What’s my excuse now?

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