Let’s talk…..Fabric Postcard Tutorial

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I have been thinking about doing this since the interview with SwapDex. It was really how i started in the big, bad world of swapping. I know, of all the things- fabric postcards.

But they are quick, fun and full of suprise that isn’t expensive to mail or hard to find a place to put the new treasure.
I’ve got a few instructions and then lots of example pictures. So get your hand on that mouse and start scrolling.
Let’s talk construction.

You will need:
* Peltex or Timtex. Whatever— something that is stiff, sort of thickish and fusible on at least one side. Both is prefered. I found mine at joann stores.
* Fabric for the front
* Embellishments (see further down explanations. just depends on theme and idea)
* Paper for the back -prefer cardstock- or you can use fabric also
* Stamp or design for back writing area
* Permanent pen for writing your little note.
* Use a new needle. It will dull quick after these guys so get rid of it when finished. Lots of paper, fusible and thickness just kills it off.

Let’s talk rules:
* nothing thicker than 1/4 inch on those cards. The postmaster will yell at you.
* make sure you use correct postage….they won’t be delivered -or will at the expence of the reciever, and the postmaster will yell at you
* If you are worried about the machines ‘eating’ your postcard use a clear envelope. Everyone can still see the wonderful card you made, and it keeps everything on it safe and sound.

Let’s talk assembly:
* Cut your peltex 4 inch X 6 inch. Cut the back the same size.
* Cut your front fabric just larger than this measurement. You can trim it later. If it slips while ironing you won’t cry too.
* Start playing around with placement and embellishments.
* Use fabric, paint, crayons or whatever else. You are just designing the FRONT of the postcard only. Play around with different mediums.
* When you have the look Use fusible webbing when ready to assemble those pieces and keep them in the right place.

* You will want to iron all these down if using the fusible web. DON’T ADD ANY BUMPY STUFF! You will do this AFTER you get all these pieces down.
* Add all the bumpy stuff now: buttons, charms, netting with beads, fluffy thread, embroidery, quilting. All the thread will be on the wrong side and won’t show once you get the back on.
* fuse the front and peltex to the back side.
* Trim around all edges so everything is nice and flush.
* Using a zigzag, decorative, or a simple straight stitch -sew along the outside edge. Keeps the parts together and makes the edge nice and neat.

* Stamp the back with a postcard marking, or simply draw a line.
* Write your wonderful, short and sweat message and don’t forget those addresses.
Let’s talk examples and ideas:

Stamping and marking the backside–

Quilting and fancy machine stitching-

Shakers- Use toule (sp) or thin netting. Before stitching the last seam stick confetti or seed beads inside. Then seal. You can also place pressed flowers, ribbon, thread, string, anything loose inside and the netting keeps them there.

Pieced blocks. Great way to use up scraps, or leftover lost blocks.

Painted- watercolor pencils, acrylic, or melted crayons. Use permanent markers for outlining if needed.

Pictures. Print on fabric paper- or not. Stitch down the edges to keep them in place. You can also use old greeting cards or vintage pictures the same way.

Fancy ribbon or fuzzy thread.

Bead work- stitch, glue or rhinestone away. You can also use ‘cheater’ beaded fabric.

Glitter. Use glitter glue, sprinkle dust or glitter markers. Just give a little touch or go all out crazy like.

Misc. stuff. Plastic spiders, Pockets for the kangaroo and hawaiian shirt, silk flowers or leaves, doilies.

Sandpaper (fun), scrapbooking do dads, fancy buttons, plastic canvas. tinsel pipecleaners, tinsy bells.

Embroidery. Stitch it yourself or use machine or even iron on patches. Fussy cut fabric prints, or make your own designs.

Themed swaps: laundry day, ocean- seaside, sock monkey,

Would you like to make your own messenger bag? Check out the shop for the pattern.

AND a Conversation pdf. What is that you ask? Well, It is Vintage style postcards that have been sized for American Girl Dolls. They need to send things to each other don’t they? Sure they do.
The pdf will include 6 postcard sized ‘themed’ pictures. A few stamps, scratch paper template, an envelope template, and to carry all the goods……a messenger bag that she can wear!

If you make a postcard or have done some in the past…leave a comment with a link. we would love to see some more chatting goodies.

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