Quillow Pattern

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The quillow is the funniest thing.  It’s a mix of pillow and quilt.

When the quilt is all folded up and stuffed into the pocket it makes a pillow.  This is so perfect for traveling and tossing in the back of your car for trips, picnics or whatever.

quillow pattern. Perfect for traveling and tossing in the car.

I don’t make mine super huge as you are really using them only for one person- one lap.

Because they are made with fleece there is no need for binding or finishing the edges.  If you’d like you can cut strips along the sides and tie them into knots…but I just left mine plain and simple.

Materials Needed:

fleece fabric – width of fabric X 36″ (customize this length to what you need)

fleece fabric 10″ X 10″ (adjust this pocket to fit your quilt)   * The pocket will need to be big enough for your quilt to fold into.  The easiest way to find this measurement is to fold it into thirds and use that measurement to give you an idea of what it should be.

quillow tutorial with fleece

Quillow Pattern~

1)  Sew a zig zag along the top of the pocket square

2)  Place in the center of the quilt along one edge- Sew three sides…leaving the inside edge open (this edge should have the zig zag stitching)

quillow pocket

3)  Fold the quillow side into the center– the pocket will be on the outside

quillow fold the side4)  Fold the other side into the center

fold the other side to center5)  Fold the end of the blanket until it sits on top of the pocket

6)  Turn the pocket inside out -tucking the folded sides into the pocket

folded quillow You can make multiple of these– one per child so they don’t argue and don’t forget to make one for yourself!



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