Lanyard tutorial with fabric and ribbon.
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A Ribbon Lanyard Tutorial

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This ribbon lanyard tutorial is great for using your ribbon, fun fabric and holding keys, name badges or whatever! Simple to follow and sew.

A lanyard is something that comes in handy so often.  

Whether you are networking at a function and need a place for your name and cards to go, hanging out with the kids a the pool and don’t want to lug around your purse, but need a place for your keys, kids going to summer camps and not loving the name badge system, or get pins and want to display them….a lanyard can fill the need any time, for anything.

You name it the lanyard can help.  Sewing a custom one is quick and simple.  

They don’t take much time or supplies and are great for giving out to scouts or other group activities.  They seriously come in handy.

Use fabric scraps and ribbon to customize your own lanyard.  The options are endless.

Materials Needed:

28″ X 2 1/2″ fabric strip {can be pieced so it’s scrappy, or one long piece}

30″ X 1/2″ ribbon

2″ X 1″ ribbon

Swivel Clip

Basic Quilting Supplies

Fabric and Ribbon Lanyard Tutorial

Lanyard tutorial with fabric and ribbon.

Lanyard tutorial:

1)  Fold the sides of the long strip 1/4″ and iron

2)  Repeat so both sides of the long strip are ironed and creased 1/4″

3)  Fold the ends 1/4″ and iron


4)  Fold in half and iron

5)  Fold the 2″ ribbon in half, tucking the swivel clip in between

6)  Sew to secure in place

7)  Open the folded strip and tuck the ribbon in between the lanyard strip at one end and sew across to secure


8)  Fold the lanyard strip in half again and sew down both sides of the lanyard


9) Taking the long ribbon, place in the center of the lanyard.  Sew down both sides of the ribbon to secure.lanyardtutorial5

10)  At the other end, tuck the extra ribbon in between the folded lanyard, leaving a loop and sew the end to secure.  This is optional, but I kind of like having an extra little spot to hang another badge to hold my personal business cards, or keys…or whatever.


11)  Fold the lanyard in half and overlap the ends, leaving a 1/2″ extra at the end with the swivel clip.  Sew across the bottom of the end to secure the placement.

12)  Clip the clear name tag on the end and wear!

Lanyard tutorial with fabric and ribbon.

What other fun projects do you make with your ribbon?

Lanyard tutorial with fabric and ribbon.

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