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Fabric Headband – Sewing Projects for Kids Series

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This fabric headband is a great project to learn pivoting your fabric with your needle down and hand gathering.  The center flower is gathered and then sewn crazy all over on top randomly to secure.  There is no wrong look with this project.

We used 2 strips per fabric headband so they were “reversible” even though I’m not sure you would wear this with the flower on the bottom.  However it does allow you to show off some super cute coordinating fabric and the wrong side won’t show when it gets tied behind your head.

This is a great project for long strips, jelly rolls or piece a few to make a long piece for a scrappy look.

fabric headband tutorial main

Materials Needed: 

2– 36″ X 2″ strip

1″X 12″ flower

1 or 2– 2″ X 4″ leaf

fabric flower headband tutorial

Fabric Headband Tutorial: (sewing projects for kids series)

1)  Measure from the end of the strip 6″ and make a mark on the right side of one of the fabrics


2)  Mark with your pencil 1/2″ from the edge of the strip.  Repeat with the other side


3) Fold the fabric strip in half and line up the ends.  With a ruler, line it up with the marks drawn and cut.  You will be cutting both pieces.  Repeat with other side


4)  Repeat with the lining strip

5)  Lay the two strips together- wrong sides facing and pin


6)  Sew along all the sides of the fabric headband


7)  Stitch with machine and a large stitch setting, down the center of the flower stripheadband6

8)  Pull the thread at one end and gather the whole strip of fabric


9)  Pin one end on the headband strip.  Off set the flower so it’s not in the middle of the headband


10)  Continue over lapping the gathered strip in a circle and pin to secure


11)  Take the leaf fabric and cut into a leaf shape

12)  Tuck the leaf under the scrunchie flower and pin to secure


13)  Sew with your machine and matching thread all over the top of the flower.  Leave your needle in the down position if you need to pivot the fabric or move it


14)  Sew down the center of the leaf to secure

kids sewing series headband

This is part of the Sewing Projects for Kids series.  Watch for more sewing tutorials just for kids to sew!

If you are ready to sew right are a few kids sewing projects here or projects you can make for camp outs and hikes. or more kids summer sewing here!

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