Matching the Bobbin Thread to the Quilt Backing

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When it comes to binding your quilt, there is one little thing that I like to do to make the quilt just a little bit nice– match the bobbin thread to the quilt backing fabric.

This comes in super handy when you are machine stitching the binding down. When hand stitching the binding, you’ll want to match the thread in the needle….so why not the thread in the bobbin?

Over a year or so ago I picked up a pre wound bobbin pack on Amazon. It had 2 containers and each one had different colored bobbins. I have come to really like those little bobbin packs! They are so handy when you are doing a small project and need to match your bobbin thread to it.

Match the bobbin thread to the Backing Fabric

Why is this kind of important and something you don’t want to over look?

When you are sewing your binding the quilt with machine, you are going to be sewing one long stitch all the way down each side of the quilt. When you do this, your stitch line becomes visible.

The stitch line should hit just below the binding as seen below. There are times when your needle moves and hits the binding- you’ll have to watch that to make sure this doesn’t happen.

You’ll also want to watch that the seam doesn’t go very far away from the binding as well. Having that large gap and then a long stitch line doesn’t look the best.

Match the top thread to the Binding Fabric

The top thread is just as important – it needs to match the binding fabric. This way your long stitch line that sits on the edge of the binding blends in as well.

There has been some who use variegated thread for the top thread- and that looks great too! It’s really up to you how much you want it to stand out or blend in.

Colored Bobbins

There are two ways for getting colored bobbins- 1) you load the bobbin yourself and 2) you purchase pre wound bobbins.

Either way works great, but the first one usually puts me in a fit of decision making! Which thread? Which color? Is this enough? Where is an empty bobbin spool?

I’m not sure why I struggle with this so much! So, personally – I have found picking up the colored bobbins much easier for me.

There is something about taking the time to fill that bobbin with the right color that really holds me up! I use it as an excuse to not fix a pair of pants, or sew on a patch…or even put the binding on a quilt!

Now, I can quickly pick the color I need from the pre wound bobbin pack and move on.

As with any bobbin that you purchase- you’ll want to verify the bobbin is the right size for your sewing machine.

When it comes to binding your quilt, there is one little thing that I like to do to make the quilt just a little bit nice-- match the bobbin thread to the quilt backing fabric.

Have you tried the pre wound bobbins before? What do you think?

Do you use bobbins that match your backing fabric?

Have a comment or suggestion? Share it with us in the comments-

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