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A Little Bit of Oliso Sunshine

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Today is the first day of Spring and I thought it would be the best time to talk about my new obsession…ironing…

Which is now called my little bit of sunshine. Why, because it’s yellow of course.

oliso iron

The ray of sunshine that was just beaming from the box!

The honey bought me an iron a few years back– you know the kind. It leaks…. yeah. And, for the last little bit I have using a cordless iron {which I really like too} but it is so light that it take a burly man to get that little crease out!  I mean, I loved them both, but let me tell you. When this yellow beauty showed up, I was like …..sure.  How could it be better?!

Hold on to your pants girls– it totally is! And to prove that it wasn’t just me I had everyone who was at the retreat try it.  Thumbs up from everyone! Poor suckers– I kept asking questions, are you sure? What about this? That? They put up with me and still loved the iron. {you will find out who the testers were tomorrow when I show off the retreat stuff}

Let me tell you a little bit about why we loved this iron.

* it’s heavy.  I know, your kind of like, what? heavy…how is that a good thing? Well, because you can iron till your hears content and you aren’t tired! Pressing really isn’t pressing when it comes to this iron.

* It glides along where ever you are pushing it.  Oh yeah. It minds your hand! The slick bottom just sits on the fabric {heavily of course} and glides around so slick like.

* you can push it wherever you want…but the little feet won’t drop until your hand is on the handle.

* the settings are perfect. The heat, just right.

* I love to use it with the steam!

I am thinking that we are all busy around here and I seriously could go on and on.  However, I won’t.

This is the kind I have–

oliso iron2

Oliso® Proâ„¢ Smart Iron with iTouch® Technology TG1600

I do have to mention that it has been quite a challenge to get used to being lazy with the iron. I mean, no real pressing needed.  I don’t even have to stand it up right….just let go and it does it’s little magic feet trick.

I will just tell you that all the rumors about the Oliso Iron are true.  It is the best thing on the planet.  It can change your perception and attitude about such a mundane task in one little glide across the fabric.  Yup. I’ve officially dived off the deap end.  I am ironing everything I can! {if you know me, this is a miracle, as I have never been know to iron. Anything}



4 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Oliso Sunshine

  1. tracydvr

    I love mine too! With my arthritis it is a godsend, i don’t have to pick it up perse, just get it on the fabric and it does it’s thing. I’ve tried the small irons and they’re good for seams and touch ups while stitching, but don’t help much w/ the big stuff.

  2. Baye

    I have a question! How often do you need to refill the water? I just bought a new iron that is great, has huge amounts of steam, but it has a tiny water reservoir. I fill as though I’m filling it all the time. That’s okay if one is just ironing a shirt or two, but for sewers it is a pain.

  3. whosies

    I haven’t noticed that it is a water hog. I like using the steam. I think for the 2 days of sewing we filled it twice. That was 4 users though, so you might not go through water that quick if it is just you- unless you are a mega steamer. I can change the amount of steam too-

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