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Crochet Coffee Cozy

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It’s still chilly around here and my all time favorite thing to do is cuddle up on the couch with a quilt (of course) and a hot cup of tea or hot cocoa.
I’m a big fan of all that.
What I’m not a big fan of?…the cup cooling off way earlier than I was planning on. No one likes a sip of chilly cocoa (unless that’s what you were expecting).
So, to help myself out …and of course you if you find yourself in the same kind of predicament, I figured out how to crochet a coffee cup cozy.

crochet coffee cozy tutorial with button closure
What’s so fun about it? Your fingers don’t burn if it’s way to hot. You cup stays warmer, longer. You can toss it into the laundry if you spill a little bit when sipping.
I’m sharing the basic instructions with a little bit of extra to make sure you are making the right size for your cup. I know they don’t all come in the same shape and size….have you seen those monster cups?!

Materials Needed:

crochet yarn- I used cotton

hook G

crochet coffee cozy tutorial with button closure

Instructions for Crochet Coffee Cozy:

1)  Twist your yarn so it overlaps the other and makes a loop- the loop will be on top of the yarn that is still attached to the ball.

crochet slip stitch

2)  Place your crochet hook inside the look and with your fingers pinch the bottom of the loop to make sure it stays- your needle will be coming up from the back of the loop.  See where the loop is still crossing on top?

3)  With your crochet hook- snatch the yarn and pull so it is in the hook

4)  Using the hook still, pull the yarn through the loop that is already on the hook- notice that there is now only one loop on the hook again.

5)  Repeat hooking the yarn and pulling it through the loop on the hook for a total of 12.  if you need additional help — here is a crochet handle tutorial, but the starting instructions with images are there. 

crochet row

6)  Turn the hook, so you will now be stitching to the left (I believe this is opposite if you are left handed)

crochet slip

7)  Insert your hook through 2 loops on the long row -closest to the hook -notice, 3 loops on the hook

crochet stitch2

8)  Snatch the yarn with the hook and pull it through the first two loops- now there are only 2 loops on the hook

9)  Snatch that loop closest to the hook and pull it through the last loop on the hook

10)  Repeat this process all the way down the row.  You will still be doing this 13 times same as the previous row

crochet check size

11)  Continue this process of crochet until your rectangle is long enough to overlap each other when wrapped around the cup.  This might take a few times of measuring to get it right.

12)  Sew 8 slip stitches in a row for the bottom button loop (do less loops if you need- depending on the size of the buttons you are using)

crochet button loop

13)  Place the hook back into the next loop and then continue crocheting until you are at the next spot for a button or the end of the sleeve

crochet button loops2

14)  Wrap again on the cup and mark where the buttons need to be placed

crochet test size

15)  Sew the button on using the yarn and tuck the tails of the yarn into the crochet stitches

crochet sew button

 Wrap your cup and button the buttons. You are ready to sip away!

crochet mug sleeve tutorial

Check here for more crochet tutorials and projects.

If you are looking for a super yum hot cocoa recipe I have one for you!

Fill your cup with hot water + hot cocoa mix + 1 drop of peppermint essential oil.  Mix and drink as usual. Yummy!!  I do love a good peppermint chocolate drink!

Interested in learning more or ordering a fantastic starter kit of essential oils?  You’ll find all the info here….and by the way,  I LOVE MINE!

young living oil --what does each oil do? Great information to help you.

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