oil cloth projects and tutorials | patchwork posse #freepattern #oilcloth #sewing
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20+ Oil Cloth Projects to Sew

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The past little bit I have found an interest in sewing with oil cloth or laminated fabric.

It’s a bit tricky to sew with, but really it’s a great fabric product to use when making something you are going to need to wipe over and over again.

oil cloth projects and tutorials | patchwork posse #freepattern #oilcloth #sewing

The fabric, though picky comes in a lot of patterns and prints.  There are a lot of uses for them too– it’s great fabric.

If you don’t have the oil cloth, you can use a product from Thermoweb laminating — that goes right over the fabric to make it slick and wipeable.  It’s a great product.

20 + Oil Cloth Projects you can Sew

 oilcloth5 cartrashbag
oilcloth1 oilcloth2
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA water bottle carrier tutorial
 oilcloth4  oilcloth6
 oilcloth7  oilcloth8
 oilcloth12  oilcloth10
 oilcloth11  oilcloth13
oilcloth14 oilcloth15
oilcloth16  oilcloth18
 oilcloth17  oilcloth20
oilcloth21 oilcloth22

Have you tried sewing with laminated or oil cloth fabric?  What projects have you made?


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  • Anne Piersall

    I recently learned about the Pellon product that does this. I lined a new thread catcher with it so threads & small fabric bits slide right down into the bag instead of catching on the cloth. I am also going to laminate it to the fabric for a cushion for the front porch bench cushion so I can just wipe it off when needed.

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