10 + Tricks for Keeping Your Bobbins Under Control

Are your bobbins out of control?  Thread making you crazy?  Tangles and knots?  Let’s talk about Bobbin Storage!!!

I find that they quickly get unruly.  Thread is everywhere and before I know it there are knots and tangles. What a serious mess…and of course it seems to not ever happen until I am needing to use one.

10+ ways to keep your bobbins under control | patchworkposse | easy sewing projects and free quilt tutorials

And usually my foot catches a long thread and unwinds the bobbin from room to room.  um. yeah.

Not to say that happens to you….but just in case here are a few sewing room ideas and  tricks that you can do to help that from not happening.

10+ Tricks for keeping your bobbins straight

bobbin tamers- use pony tail holders | patchwork posse bobbin1
bobbin2 bobbin5
bobbin4 bobbin3
 bobbin6  bobbin7
bobbin8 bobbin11
 bobbin9  bobbin10
bobbin13 bobbin14

Here are some more helpful storage ideas:

Do you have a trick for keeping your bobbins untangled?


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