bobbin tamers- use pony tail holders | patchwork posse
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Bobbin Tamers

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The drawers in the Sewing Cottage sometimes get a little out of control.  There is string everywhere!

They get all tangled up and then when you pull one bobbin out it somehow entangles itself to the rest of the bobbins…and then…. you know the rest of the story.

So, this is where the Bobbin Tamers come in.

bobbin tamers- use pony tail holders | patchwork posse

Bobbin Tamers
They are to keep all the strings on the bobbin in line of course ……but secretly they are little fuzzy hair ponietail holders. Shhh. don’t tell.
Here is how they work—- take your bobbin and wrap your bobbin tamer around the outside once or twice if it is a small bobbin. It will keep your strings from grabbing each other. It works even better on clear bobbins so you can see the thread color!
I found my bobbin tamers at Walmart- but i know that all a dollar carries them occassionally too.  You want the smallest ones. They will stretch with use.
Pop a bunch in a little ziploc baggie, a plastic baby food container, or a cute tin…..and label them.
They come in real handy, and are great for little presents or gifts to other sewers.
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9 thoughts on “Bobbin Tamers

  1. SandyQuilts

    Oh yes ponytail holders are the best. I use them for my longarm bobbins.

    AND last Jan. 2009 they were in the gifts of a giveawway I did.

    Merry Christmas

  2. DIDI

    Well thanks, i've been wondering what to do with bobbins to keep them from muddling up for a long time, and today you come up with this cute solution!

  3. casserole

    Genius!! I love this idea! (Especially since my daughter has a drawer of these bobbin tamers, I mean ponytail holders…)

    I featured your tip on Craft Gossip Sewing:


  4. Kari @ Ucreate

    GENIUS IDEA!! I will be featuring as the creative tip for the next few days. THANKS!!

  5. Kim

    Well duh! That is such a simple brilliant idea! Thanks!!

  6. Patty

    I have used these ponytail bands on my bobbins for many years.

  7. danielle

    o my god i did that got a sewing mashine for christmas was not going to buy bobbon holders found the pigtail holders i am going to buy more bobbens and then i am going to go to dollertree and buy some more because you can never have too many

  8. Tillie

    I got my tamers at the dollar store for 300 of them,
    wow! what a bargin….

  9. posse boss

    what a snag! lucky girl– hope you have enough thread for them to help out.

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