10 Free Face Masks to Sew at Home

With recent issues and illness that is spreading, here are some great tutorials on how to sew a face mask at home. Some may require a little different fabric or supply.

Everyone has their own thoughts about face masks, we are providing a big list- to help you find what kind you need quickly instead of searching forever.

These face mask patterns and tutorials are very simple to follow and sew along. They can easily be made by any level of sewer.

A fat eighth, fat quarter or 1/4 yard of fabric will work for making masks.

Additional Supplies

Additional Face Mask Tutorials and helpful tips:

Sew Face Masks at Home – Video Tutorials

This is my current favorite fabric face mask. I did add a small pleate on each side (smaller face issue). Works great though and sits lower on your nose so doesn’t hit your eyes 🙂

Deaconess – How to make a Face Mask

This one is in Spanish- but easy enough to follow along.
Face Mask by Riley Blake
Can DIY masks filter out viruses and coronavirus

Cricut N95 Mask Cover free SVG file

Free Face Mask Patterns & Tutorials

Additional Face Mask Tutorials and helpful tips:

This is not to start an argument- so please keep your comments to yourself if it is negative.

Also – depending on what you are using these masks for they may or may not be effective.