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Tree Skirt Tutorial with Hexagons

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Today we are going to talk about Hexagons . I’ve for some reason picked up an obsession with itand I love it! I am kind of a puzzly girl and love shapes and different ways to use them.

This Christmas Tree Skirt is a perfect way to show off a few fun fabrics while covering up a sore spot of the tree trunk before it gets covered with presents!

Hexagon Christmas Tree Skirt Tutorial

Materials needed:

1- 5 Hexagons Templates

2 strips of Christmas fabric

3 1/2 strips of christmas fabric {outside border}

6 15 X 15 blocks to cut large hexagons out of
Print off the 5 Hexagon template on Card Stock or heavy paper

Download the pdf file for this project from my free resource library.

Get the password for the library including this free pattern!

Using the template cut 6 Hexagons. These will be the center of each quilt block

These are strip piecing instructionswhich will make your sewing time go a little quicker. We will be sewing on all of the quilt blocks at the same time instead of one at a time. If your strips of fabric are long enough, just place the next piece on top and keep going. By the end you will have all 6 quilt blocks done, instead of one!

1) Sew a 2 strip across the top of the hexagon

Repeat with the other 5 hexagons

Iron the strip

2) Sew a second strip across the top of the hexagon- it will overlap the first strip {line it up with the straight edge of the hexagon- pin in place if needed before sewing}

Repeat with the other 5

Iron the strip

3) Continue until the first border is complete

Iron the quilt block well

Trim off the extra fabric stips- hiding underneath and iron again

Square up your quilt block- you will need to square up your quilt block after you finish each border around the center hexagon Line the ruler up to the seam and trim off any extra

Continue these steps until you have surrounded your hexagon with 3 borders

Repeat again with the last border being the 3 1/2 strips

Lay one quilt block on top of the 6 large fabric squares and cut out large hexagons

Sew the plain hexagon quilt blocks together in the following order notice that the last blocks are not sewn together! This is so you can easily get it around your Christmas tree.

Repeat with the pieced hexagon quilt blocks

Lay right sides together and pin the blocks

Sew all the way around the blocks, leaving a 3 opening on one end for turning

{I did not use batting for this project, but you could if you’d like. I kept mine simple and light weight}

Snip corners and turn right sides out

Iron very well and close the turning hole

You can sew a finishing stitch around the tree skirt if you’d like.

Learn how to make a tree skirt using hexagon shapes!

This project would be a great in a scrappy collection too.

I used the same fabric strips for each border around the center, but feel free to use up your scraps and sew them randomly on.

Just have fun with it.

Hexagon template Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!


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