how to make a cinch sack tutorial / patchwork posse
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Switching up a Cinch Bag to Backpack

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A Cinch Sack is one of the best things invented!  You can adjust the size from tiny to travel laundry bag for stinky socks to backpack to mega presents for Christmas bag.  It is endless the possibilities with this simple bag.

Not only that,  you can show off super cute fabric, mix and match with quilt blocks, use ribbon, rope or laces for the ties….you name it you can use it and it will turn out cute!  If you are careful with closing the turning hole, you can make this reversible– double the pleasure!

Did you know that you can quickly turn it from a hand bag to a backpack?  Today I will help de-mistify the process of taking it from a wristlet cinch bag to a cinch bag backpack!


First, let’s go over the basics

The trick with getting these bags to close is how you thread the drawstrings.  Each drawstring will enter and exit on the same side.  This allows them, when pulled to cinch up the opposite side.  With a string on either side of the bag, they both cinch in the center closing the opening.

If you find that your bag keeps reopening, you can buy handy little pinchers that slide up both strings on one side and keep it closed.

1)  Wristlet with drawstring  

The wristlet cinch sack is smaller, has only handles that tighten to close the top and they can be carried around your wrist.  If you go a little bit smaller you will notice it will become a jewelry bag.  See it now?!

how to make a cinch sack tutorial / patchwork posse

 full tutorial on making a wristlet drawstring bag here.

2) Backpack cinch sack

This cinch sack is bigger and is a backpack when all tightened down. The contstruction of the bag is just the same as the writslets….

except for two things:

  1. The drawstring is longer
  2. There is a loop at the bottom of the bag to hold the longer drawstring

cinch bag to backpack tutorial

Quick instructions on how you make this happen:

1)  When sewing the outside of the bag, you will be putting in a ribbon or hem tape loop {Icut mine 3″ and fold in half before pinning and sewing into side seam at the bottom}

Pin the ribbon at the bottom of the side seam.  When turned right sides out, the loop will be ready to hold the backpack drawstring.

2)  Measure your drawstring by tying one end to the ribbon and then go up the side of the bag, across the top and then back again.  Then add a few inches so when the bag is opened the drawstring won’t dissappear into the casing.  Cut and then thread it through the casing- remember in and out on the same side.

You can find quick instructions for the picnic pack tutorial here.

Can you think of any other kinds of Cinch Sacks?  Share them in the comments

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