How to Maintain Tension When Crocheting Tall Stitches

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If you know how to do a basic double or treble crochet stitch then you can use those skills to crochet taller and taller stitches. However, you may find that the taller you go, the floppier your stitches get. You need to make sure to maintain your tension while crocheting those big stitches.

crochet tallest stitches

How to Maintain your Crochet Tension with Tall Stitches

The trick is to hold your work in such a way that you’re able to pull it gently in opposite directions while you are doing the yarn over steps of your tall crochet stitches. If you’re a right-handed crocheter, hold the left side of the work gently between your left pinkie and ring fingers.


With your right hand, you can pull the working chain and the yarn to the right to gently stretch the work out and maintain that tension. As you yarn over, make the loops small and close to one another. Maintain that closeness as you work the stitches.

taller crochet stitches

Hopefully this tip will be useful to you when you are learning how to crochet double treble and other tall crochet stitches.

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