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Tip: Use Granny Triangles to Make Bunting

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It’s easy and fun to make granny triangles, but what should you do with them? Granny triangle bunting is a terrific simple project choice.

granny triangle crochet bunting

How to Make Granny Triangles into Crochet Bunting

You can make crochet bunting in any yarn type or weight that you desire. An average option is to use worsted weight yarn and a size H crochet hook. Make a set of 6-round granny triangles; 10 triangles make a nice long bunting.

Here is how to turn your triangles into bunting:

  • Measure one side of a triangle.
  • Multiple this number by the number of triangles that you have.
  • Double this number; crochet a chain that is the length of this new number.
  • Use single crochet stitching to connect the bunting to the chain. The triangles should be evenly spaced across the chain.

If you don’t remember how to crochet a granny triangle, the tutorial can be found here.

how to crochet a granny triangle

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