Stapling Wool Applique

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I was at quilt group last week and we had a little make and take wool applique project. She handed out little kits with all the pieces- {we cut out the shapes}.  This was for a glass case.  Not sure if I am going to make that, or use it as a needle keeper….or what. The stitching is done, but I haven't quite decided what to make it into you. 

 Before we cut out all our parts to prepare to sew them she gave a little demonstration on her stapling wool applique technique.  That's right. Stapling. I know totally bizarre, however…when you think about it- it is smart!  

staple your wool applique

There aren't any pins to snag your thread on {that is one of my biggest pet peeves}

You can reposition with a little pull and re-staple.

I had all my pieces stapled and I quickly sewed down my little wool applique pieces– and these were little! the circles are 1/2".  

wool applique

Doesn't matter the size of the wool applique- staple away!  It was a little tricky to remove the staple of the circles because the stitches had sewn it down, but really it was super simple.  I loved doing this!  

I am thinking that a stapler might become a regular in my sewing kit.  I might have to buy myself one of those cute miniature ones.

Can you see that there are multiple positives to this staple technique?  

wool applique2

What is your prefered Wool Applique Security technique?  aka- how to you keep that darn fuzzy wool on your fabric so you can stitch it down?!


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