Slipper Mania

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I picked up some fleece the other day for some slippers for the kids…..really should have kept these for christmas presents…..but i have a problem hiding, and then keeping them that long. So here we go.

I searched the web for some free slipper patterns. I found a few, but finally ended up with this one. It is for little feet so i printed off the pattern and then enlarged it at 160% to get the pieces the right size. (I kind of just enlarged it enough that the botton was the same as the bottom i wanted to use…make sense?)

Download the shoe pattern and tutorial here.
I only used the back and the top pieces from the pattern. For the bottom i traced one of their own shoes for the pattern. Then i followed the instructions and tada….nice little house slippers. I used fleece for all the parts and made sure that the stretchy was the direction i wanted…the top is going across and such. I doubled all of the parts so the bottom is just a bit softer.
They were pretty quick to make and i am thinking that around christmas time they might just need a new pair. Something soft and yummy to put into their stockings. Maybe something in christmas colors.

Here is a close up.

It does have the elastic around the back so they stay on nicely. I cut my elastic to 9" just if you needed to know. I made 3 at size 1 and one at size 2 (should have done this one a bit larger). There is some fleece for me so now i need to make my own pair.

Everyone is happy and enjoying their slippers. They had races this morning on the wood floors…..who can slide the furthest? Is that why they call the slippers?….because they are slippery

oh- i thought i would mention that i didn't use any interfacing. just straight fleece. easy. any questions when making your own…ask me…i'd love to help!

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