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How to use Freezer Paper to Print on Fabric

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Printing on fabric can be done.

This is a great option for printing your own fabric label…or pictures if you are making a memory quilt.

Because fabric is so soft and snuggable, it does not go through the printer very nicely on it’s own.  It will need a little help.

All you have to do is pop into your kitchen, and after you grab a little snack – bring that freezer paper back into your sewing room and get started.

freezer paper fabric printing how to

Materials Needed:

freezer paper

fabric – light in color, minimal print

scissors or rotary cutter

printer – ink jet, NOT one with a powder / heat cartridge

How to use Freezer paper to print on fabric —

freezer paper printing

1)  Iron your fabric muslin is ok. or any other light fabric that you have on hand or want to use- IRON it to the shiny side of freezer paper.

freezer paper ironing

2)  Cut to paper size8 x 11.  I found that laying a normal piece of paper on top and cutting around the edges was the easiest.

freezer paper trim again

3) stick it into the printer.  Print off the label in color or b/w.  The freezer paper is a bit thinner and still a little too pliable for the printer and can get jammed.  I found that I had to put a piece of cardstock on the backside {touching the freezer paper} and taping in 3 places along the top edge.  That way the fabric + freezer paper didn’t roll away from the cardstock.  Just a thought.

Make sure that your paper and fabric are placed in the right place.  I place the fabric down in the printer because it rolls it up and prints on that bottom side. Just pay attention, so you don’t drive yourself batty trying to figure it out.

Peal off the freezer paper.

Now that you have that down– it’s time to make a few quilt labels with this method.

You can use this printable (it’s for organizing your sewing room, but they could be used as quilt labels just the same!) Quilting Labels Printable

4)  Iron all 4 sides under 1/4″ –  Hand stitch the label to the back of your quilt.  Here’s a quick how to on that if you need: How to attach your quilt label.

how to attach your quilt label learn quick steps for making sure your quilt is remembered

5)  Use a sharpie marker to write the information down.  Of course mine has mysteriously disappeared so no words here.  But I love it still the same.

Extra hints and tips for using freezer paper for quilting:

1 – The freezer paper can be used many many many times over!
2 – This is a good way to transfer embroidery designs, as long as they are small enough to fit through your machine.
3 – Choose fabric with a high thread count to ensure better printing.
4 – Treat the fabric first with Bubble Jet to make it colorfast if it’s a bright red or blue color…or anything you think would bleed.
5 – Cut fabric and paper slightly larger than 8.5″ x 11″ just before ironing the fabric to the freezer paper, then cut the fabric stuck to the freezer paper to 8.5″ x 11″. This will help prevent the fabric from peeling back and jamming up in the printer.

Did you know freezer paper is used for applique as well? It totally works!

Check out the hand applique with freezer paper here.

Learn how to hand applique. Freezer paper technique. It's not that hard!


8 thoughts on “How to use Freezer Paper to Print on Fabric

  1. Shelley

    how can I make my own labels for my sewing projects?? I do not have an ink jet printer mine is powders..
    please help me I have been looking for ever on how to do labels to sew into my projects
    thank you

  2. Becky

    Shelley- could a neighbor or friend possibly have the printer you need? You could print off a bunch and have them stocked up. Maybe even use a Library printer?

  3. Chery

    I have found it easier to use spray adhesive and stick the fabric straight to the printer paper. Works great every time, then just peel off the paper

  4. Dianne Eddy

    I have found that if I don’t pre treat the fabric with “Bubble Jet Set”, the printing fades and runs badly. Treated, it last forever.

  5. Becky

    great suggestion! it does have to be a specific printer to keep it from running.

  6. Sheila Truax

    What is bubble jet. it says you treat the material with it so it doesn’t fade. I am not sure what it is or where you get it.

  7. Sue

    Try using two layers of freezer paper. Adds more body

  8. Dee Landree

    I guess I’m lucky cause I have software and embroidery machine to make some fun labels. I like to add washing instructions also.

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