English Paper Piecing

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I went to quilt group tonight. Hung out with a bunch of gals –mixed in age– and gabbed it up!!

Tonight there was a technique shown to us. ENGLISH PAPER PIECING

Now this is not for the faint of needle heart! This is all hand done and picky, precise, little stitches work. If you are of that kind STOP reading NOW!! Do not read on. It will only cause additional grief and pain to your finger tips.

Here are the instructions she handed out with a little baggie with a needle, pin, the paper templates, and a bit of fabric. love it when everything is ready and in a kit. so cute and neat.
I chose the one that is patterned (fabric). Easy to deal with. No directional stuff going on. Made it a lot better to sew and not worry too much about that too.
We 1st basted all the little templates to the fabric that has been turned at the edges.
Then you put 2 together and start putting them together on side at a time. With the hex shape there are a lot of set-in seams. yikes. but by hand it wasn’t tooooooo terrible.
(If there is anyone out there that would like a picture and better tutorial speak up. This is all i got, unless there is an outcry of needers…then i can make one)
Guess what?! with all that gabbing and such i was able to get mine finished!!
Lookie here:
How cute is that? It’s size is around 4″ square i think.
Here is the (fuzzy) backside. See all of the (fuzzy) salvages? I left mine a little long so i wouldn’t end up with no fabric to turn over on one edge because the paper shifted. wheww….
Well. I am going to say it “It’s not for me” and i’m ok with that. Maybe down the road a little bit later i might just give it a go. Right now…….red light, not green light.
So now i am left with a lonely but cute hex English paper pieced flower. I do have an idea though…..
This is what i got in the mail today! My pincushion from Swapping!!! yay. take a look how cute. It is from Cleary in Florida! Now she is a bit of an over acheiver i would have to say. Take a peek with me—– she has put a little binding on the whole thing. now this is 4″ in size….need i say more. There are little pins stuck in there. She has pieced little blocks. AND she did it to BOTH SIDES!!!!
What do you think about that? Could i almost farther and say they were “seasonal?” hee hee. anyways. what a lovely pin cushion. Thanks!!
Now for that idea with the little English Paper Pieced flower……….you know what i am going to say already, don’t you?
……………………………..yep, Pin cushion

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