Flowers on a Stick Tutorial

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Spring is the time of flowers!  All kinds of different ones…..but just in case the weather isn’t cooperating with you, these flowers on a stick are something super quick you can sew up today and give yourself some little Spring hope!

There are two shapes– a simple 6 petal flower and a tulip.

fabric flowers on a stick tutorial

These would be perfect to stick in a little flower pot on Mother’s Day….. just in case you are looking for an idea or addition to what you have (it comes up so quick every year!)

There is a little bit of hand stitching.  You can do a bit to embellish the flower — you could even add some beads if you’d like.

Materials Needed:

Flower Templates

6″ X 6″ fabric per flower

Sew-In Interfacing

polyfil stuffing

needle and thread

one stick or bamboo skewer per flower

spring flower tutorial

Fabric Flower Tutorial~

1)  Print off the flower template

2)  Trace your template on the interfacing

trace your template

3)  Layer your pieced– cotton fabric, right sides together….then one piece of interfacing on top, one on the bottom

layer your fabrics

4)  Sew on the drawn line- leaving a spot open on the bottom for turning and stuffing

sew on the traced line

5)  Trim around the flower

trim the seams

6)   Stuff the flower with polyfil

stuff the flowers

7)  Place on the stick & Sew with needle and thread and use a running stitch and gather the fabric around the stick — you can secure with hot glue gun if you’d like

stitch to close

8)  With your needle and thread you can stitch a few stitches for adding a little embellishments to the flowers.

accent stitching

spring flowers on a stich

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