3-Dimensional Bow Tie Quilt Block

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3 Dimensional quilt blocks are a lot of fun.  The bow tie is kind of a more fussy block, but it’s great for boys or dad quilts.

The center of the bow tie is where the 3-d comes in.  You can stick your finger under all four sides of the knot area of the bow tie.

3 D Bow Tie Quilt Block Tutorial these are so much fun! there are other 3d blocks included too.

When I sewed mine, I kep the bow tie to one fabric and the background to another.  You can choose to do this, or go scrappy.  Whatever you decide will work, but you will want to make sure that the fabrics have good contrast.  The bow tie’s can get lost if there isn’t, losing all that hard work to make the block 3-d not worth it.

3D Bowtie Pattern & Quilt Block Instructions:

1)  Cut your pieces-  You will need 3 squares for your bow tie and 2 squares for your background.  They will all be EXACTLY the same size.  You can play with the finished size of the block by varying this, but keep all the sizes of the squares the same.  For my bow tie quilt block, I used 2″ squares.

2)  Fold one bow tie square in half and iron.  Layer one background on top of a bow tie block.   Repeat with other 2 squares, keeping the background fabric underneath.

3)  Lay the pieces in the following order-


4)  Take the folded bow tie square and place INSIDE the background and bow tie fabric.  Pin to secure and sew along the RIGHT side of the square.

5)  Fold back the background and bow tie square and finger press.  You piece will now look like this:


6)  Repeat with the other side, tucking the folded bow tie inside the layered square and sew along the LEFT side of the square.


7)  Open the layers and finger press.

8)  Pretend your going to make a 4 patch quilt block.  Push the center seams of the pieces together, pulling the folded bow tie piece into place.  You might have to fiddle with the bow tie piece to get it to go where you want, but just keep with it.


9)  Sew along the top edge, stop with your needle down in the center and fiddle with the bow tie piece again making sure it’s lined up properly.  It’s a bit tricky, might take a bit, but should come out just fine.


10)  Open block and iron.  The center of the bow tie will be 3-d.  It might take a little but of fussy fiddling to get it right, but it should iron nicely.


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What kind of 3-D Quilt blocks have you sewn before?


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