Round Robin Winter Wonderland Finished Quilt

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We have come to an end of the Round Robin Quilt Along!  I have totally enjoyed this journey of sewing along side you and finding a new surprise at each row.

There were some rows where I didn’t plan the colors out very well so they turned out kind of muttled and not as contrasting as I would have liked– I will pay better attention next time.  Contrast is so important!

round robin winter wonderland sew along 2013

Here is my finished quilt top!

round robin quilt finished

finished size: 97″ X 58″

finished quilt round robin quilt along

round robin quilt along finished top

I ended up with a super long and kind of out of whack size– so I added more borders to the sides then the top and bottom.  I added a single border to the top/bottom and did a triple border on the sides.  I had only strips left from all of the fabric that I had.  I didn’t have enough to do a solid one fabric border, so I cut everything up into strips and then sewed them together to make a longer strip.  I did add each border on one at a time.

I soooo love how this quilt turned out and thank everyone who has participated and share their pictures and progress.  And, thanks to the designers for helping me out and coming up with the row designs.  They turned out perfect for the theme ‘winter wonderland’.

Quick instructions on how to finish this super cute quilt top– what do you do with all of those rows?

First, you really need to measure each row and find out which one is the longest. I found that there was one row which measured the largest.

This is what I used as the default size for all the other rows.

1} measure the row you are adding to.
2} Subtract this measurement from the default number
3} Add ½” to the number. This will be your seam allowance.
4} Cut your background or spacing pieces this new number
5} Sew to the row
6} Sew this row in place.  Continue adding spacers to the rows when needed and sew the rows together.


I didn’t add any spacing rows….some of them maybe should have now that I look at it from afar.

It is 3rd on the list for getting quilting done.  I will show off once it is.  I have some ideas and can’t wait to try them out.

There were over 100 photos posted in the Round Robin Gallery!  I love them all. Super thanks for sharing everyone!  We have had a sponsor this whole time and I have been waiting, waiting to pick a winner from the gallery.


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Take a quick minute and head on over to the Photo Gallery to see them all.

Here is the first one posted all finished-

round robin finished quilt top winter wonderland

The flying geese row was used for the sides! What a great idea isn’t that?

Even though the quilt a long is all over, don’t worry– you can still download the whole pattern, or row by row.

Feel free to post your progress in the gallery anytime. We’d love to see them!

patchwork posse tutorial download{This download includes all of the patterns and is 58 pages}

Or Find all the rows for the quilt along here:

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