Round Robin #1- Free Quilt Pattern

Every year there is a collaboration of designers who come up with a finished quilt in the end.  This free quilt was the first one that I put together.  The center block was designed by me- Becky of Patchwork Posse.  The borders surrounding it were designed by others.

round robin free pattern

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Background of a Round Robin.  Each person passes around a block or suggestions to a new person each month {or whatever schedule you decide on}.  When you would receive the packet you would add something to it- as per the instructions of the packet.  Sometimes it would be a block, sometimes a row, sometimes sides to a center block.  When the whole thing has been passed around to all of those who are participating, it would be returned to the original person who started it.

This Round Robin is a bit different in the fact that we don’t send or mail it around to those participating.  It is open to all who want to sew along.  We all get the same design, but sew on our own quilt with our own fabric.  In the end the layout might be similar {unless you move things around, which there are some that do that too!}, but because you are using your own fabric, they are all different.

The designs are kind of kept secret until that designers turn, and then it is revealed– which make it even funner because it’s kind of mystery!

This is the first round robin that I hosted. During Febuary to June 2010

round robin








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