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Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

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I am not one to go over board on gift wrap.  I tend to be a little not so spec-tac at it. In fact, most of my presents are sent with no tag. Totally nameless.  Yes, that's mine– I holler from the back of the room.  

I don't mind the frilly presents- with their bowties and such….but I don't do it that way.  I am a pretty simple…stuff it into something and tape it shut.  Off you go. 

I am bringing a present tonight to the quilt group for swapping….and I stuffed my goodies into the chewy granola bar box. 

The person picking has no idea what to think of that!?  It doesn't shake very well either and is pretty solid. No clues here! 

Thinking that I am not alone {maybe i am, and i never knew it}  I put a little collection together to help you find some 'creative' ways to wrap a Christmas Gift this season.

gift wrap ideas  

Stuff your little present into a box of something yummy.  Yes, you will have to eat them all before filling the present…but it will confuse the recipient!  I love that!

Here are some more box ideas:  

gift wrap ideas

And, don't forget about those tin containers!  Those are perfect to some nice little goodie in— even if it isn't food!

gift wrap ideas  brown paper packaging

  you could fancy up the brown bag too!

gift wrap ideas  the tissue on the outside!

  wrap in a tea towel

gift wrap ideas I am a big fan of the lunch bags. The kids dread it when i go for them. lol 

gift wrap ideas stick it in a sock! doesn't have to be wine either. 

 stuff it in a hot pad

  blueberry, egg and strawberry cartons

So you see- even if you have a quirky not big into wrapping thing like me… you can still make what you have work for gift wrap!

It's your turn……what have you used in the past to wrap a gift with?  I need some more creative ideas. 

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