Quilting Cheat Sheets

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After putting out the Patchwork Planner & Journal— and then this year the Patchwork Calendar, I got thinking (and was missing) a few things.

More of the reference sheets for quilting.

Quite a few emails came into me as well requesting that more of these were included in the products.

While it’s a wonderful idea….those products are complete and not ready for an upgrade.

The next best thing?

A FREE Quilting Cheat Sheets Printable!

Are you constantly looking for yardage amounts, cut square amounts, what you need for half square triangles and quilt sizes for beds?

Those, plus many other issues that come up every once in awhile are included in the cheat sheets.   They are so simple to print and stick in a 3 ring binder or folder for quick reference when you need it.

You could even grab it and carry them along when you head to a retreat or sewing day…there is always someone who asks the questions!

quilt cheat sheets free printables to use - grab your copy at patchworkposse.com I always need to know these things! #quilter #printable

yup- free.

Let’s take a look inside, shall we?!

the quilting cheat sheets includes:

    • yardage cheat sheet – what inch is that 1/2 yard again?
    • sizes of mattresses and quilts: great for remembering what your quilt size needs to be to fit on a specific bed size. They are not the same!
    • pre cut fabric sizes – there are a lot of pre cuts out there! They are so handy to sew with, but they come in different sizes. This cheat sheet will give you the sizes.
    • yardage for making binding strips – 3 sizes! Binding does take a bunch of fabric, so getting the right amount can be hard.  Pick from the 3 sizes (try a few and find your sweet spot) and you’ll know exactly how much fabric you’ll need for binding.
    • charm squares to quilt tops- these squares are so handy and you can cut your own quickly.  This cheat sheet is all about what size of quilt you can make using them plus how many you’ll need. This makes for quick quilt making, in a weekend!
    • layer cakes to quilt tops – similar to the charm squares to quilt tops, this is for the layer cakes (they are larger than charms).  These quilts sew up even quicker because the size is bigger.
    • cutting up your fat quarter – what size or how many squares can you get from your one fat quarter? This will help you figure out what the options and possibilities of how that fat quarter can go farther.
    • backing fabric yardage – how big is your quilt and what amount of fabric do you need for the quilt back? This is tricky when quilts get a little bit larger and you have a seam. This sheet will give you the size needed in yardage, lots of different quilt sizes are listed.
    • blocks needed for quilts – straight block setting– this will help you quickly put together quilts using specific block sizes. You don’t need to have solid fabric for the squares, they can be a pieced block.
    • half square triangles- these can be sewn quickly if you plan ahead.  This quilt cheat sheet will show you what size of squares you’ll need to make those half square triangles.

Quilter Cheat Sheets include: 

  • 8 pages
  • pdf files – download, save and print
  • black and white, easy on your printer

You’ll be able to quickly find the information you are needing for the project you are working on. No more searching the internet and getting distracted- grab your cheat sheets and find what you need.

Build your own quilt resource library:

1- print off the files here (use the word sampleset for discount if needed)

2- punch 3 holes in the sides of the pages

3- place in a 3 ring binder or folder

You could even put them in top loader sheet protectors to keep them safe from lots of fingers, and drinks and chocolate snacks.

quilt cheat sheets free printables to use - grab your copy at patchworkposse.com I always need to know these things! #quilter #printable

Have another quilters cheat sheet suggestion? I’d love to hear it!


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