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Wonder Clips for Binding Quilts

WONDER CLIPS~ (pick them up here) oh let me count the ways I love you. You don’t poke my fingers like a pin…when I am wrapping my..
the Round Robin

the Round Robin Edition 6 – Pressing and Ironing

happy monday…. Today let’s chat about something that’s not super exciting, but needed when you quilt. Ironing….. not on the top of my to-do list. Pressing though. I..

Guest Designer – Kirsty of Bonjour Quilts

Today our guest designer is Kirsty.   I met up with her Quilt Market in 2017– and she is a delight! She is super talented and soooo lucky—..

Mini Solar Eclipse Quilt Tutorial

I am over at Sew Can She!! I get to play along this year with her mini quilt series.  I’ve known Caroline for a couple of years…...
the Round Robin

the Round Robin Edition 5- For the Love of it

Let’s talk about love. Of course because it’s Valentines Day next month! I hope you are having a great start so far….and you can squeeze some love..
quilt along

Three’s Company BOM 2018 – Block 1

Today we will be kicking off the Three’s Company BOM with block 1!!! So excited. This block is a simple one.  You can decide if you’d like..

Zippy Baby Quilt with Applique Tutorial

Today I’m so excited to share the first project I have ever made with the Cricut Maker! scary, but fun! I decided to not make it too..
the Round Robin

the Round Robin Edition 4 – Keeping projects & quilting activities all straight and organized.

happy monday…. Last year there was a series on the blog all about organizing your projects. In fact, it was 16 days and there were 16 free..

10+ Simple and Quick Quilts to make with the Cricut Maker

Can you really cut a quilt with the Cricut Maker? Yes! If you think about this machine– it has a rotary blade, just like the one you..
the Round Robin

the Round Robin edition 3 – Bringing back donations

The past few years have been a little low key when it’s come to donations. I haven’t done much, if any. It’s been missed!  In my mind..

How to Use the Easypress by Cricut

The EasyPress by Cricut is like the ultimate iron.   It’s flat, large surface— with the digital addition doesn’t need to be only for the crafters of the..

Cricut Maker Printables and Free Fonts

Using the Cricut Maker is so handy!  There are a lot of resources out there for free printables, templates, patterns and even free fonts for you to..
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2018 Patchwork Planner & Calendar - on sale for $16.99 till midnight Monday!