Patchwork Round Robin Border 7


Angie from Quilting Melodies has designed the next border for us.  She has added a quick stop border all the way around {don't you think it needed something a bit more calming?} and then —– a row of the cutest baskets!  It will compliment the center basket perfect.

A little bio on Angie— 1st she is a designer for the Patchwork Posse online sewing group. Click here for more info.   She is also a great friend of mine! We have been quilting around for about what?…..5 years or so.  She is very talented and has designed a 'Chocolate Quilt'  & she is currently designing a Wizard of Oz themed quilt– {I have seen it all layed out and it is wonderful!!!}  Check out her blog for more goodies on her.

Clickety Click HERE for Border 7 Pattern 

Now, girls I have a few comments on this one— the stopper border was sooo needed wasn't it? I love it! And I HATE BASKETS!!!! Why did I even pick that theme for the center? Do you see how mine turned out? I apparently didn't audition them before stitching the handle down. And let's not start on sewing that handle down! Ugh. It is the same type of basket in the CRANKY QUILT and it makes me cranky!! 🙂  It's a good thing mine is 'primitive' or that is what I'm calling it from now on!

Are you making the Patchwork Round Robin with us?

Share it with us & Post your pictures here

Did you miss a previous border?

Upcoming Dates :

 June    14   Molly

June    28  ? Could be you!!! Email me and let me know-

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  1. Joy McDonald

    25 May

    Oh I'm so glad you got a photo up – now I can see what a stop border is 🙂 Hmmmmm… it will be interesting to see how I go with the baskets….

  2. whosies

    25 May

    a stop border is just a thin border- all 1 fabric, no piecing. it gives a place for the eye to rest before the other borders come. i like it don't you?

  3. Joy McDonald

    26 May

    I like it, just need to decide which fabric to use! I'm playing with the baskets, but need to do the bows first!!

  4. whosies

    27 May

    i really like the baskets too— i really like all the borders!

  5. whosies

    27 May

    i really like the baskets too— i really like all the borders!

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