Mini Quilt Patterns

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I love mini quilts. They are perfect if you are looking for a little bit more challenge or for just exploring in techniques in a different size.
Some of the mini quilt tutorials aren’t even tiny piecing, but just a smaller version of the larger one. These are great for trying out a new technique or two without a big commitment.

mini quilt patterns

Mini Quilt Patterns~

sparlersquilttoppostage stamp mini quilt tutorial great for scraps
owl quiltJen-Eskridge-Mini-Plus-Quilt-2
 sweet simply color mini quilt1
 promenade 6a010536fd6c85970c0120a7bee534970b-500wi
 doll7 524477407_5ec5d58a04
 tree-quilt-detail-425 IMG_7588
 AJTTTQ14 IMG_6848
 10319638954_8347dc0dd6_c march-mini-masking-tape-qui
 SC 1 hexie2
dsc_6651-adjAmsterdam Quilt-100

Want more in the small size? How about checking the mug rugs round up.

how to hang up your quilt- quilt sleeve tutorial

Need some help with machine quilting or binding

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