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Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

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One of my favorite things in my kitchen is my crochet dishcloth.  This thing works wonderful!  I have a few in the drawer and I am always finding really there isn’t enough of them around.  Of course this led me to make a few more and now share the crochet dishcloth pattern.

crochet wash cloth pattern free

If you are new to crochet, this is a great project to start with!  It’s perfect for practicing your tension in the stitches and lining up your sides properly.  Don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out perfect though– they work anyways!

I am using 100% cotton yarn.  This makes them super absorbent and very washable.  They can be bleached if needed to freshen up.  They are a great addition to your own kitchen or to someone elses (can I say shower present?!)

crochet washcloth materials

Materials Needed:

crochet yarn- I used cotton

hook G

crochet wash cloth pattern

Instructions for Crochet Dishcloth Pattern:

1)  Twist your yarn so it overlaps the other and makes a loop- the loop will be on top of the yarn that is still attached to the ball.

crochet wash cloth start

2)  Place your crochet hook inside the look and with your fingers pinch the bottom of the loop to make sure it stays- your needle will be coming up from the back of the loop.  See where the loop is still crossing on top?

crochet wash cloth first stitch

3)  With your crochet hook- snatch the yarn and pull so it is in the hook

crochet wash cloth chain

4)  Using the hook still, pull the yarn through the loop that is already on the hook- notice that there is now only one loop on the hook again.

5)  Repeat hooking the yarn and pulling it through the loop on the hook for a total of …….

crochet chain stitch

6)  Turn the hook, so you will now be stitching to the left (I believe this is opposite if you are left handed)

7)  Insert your hook through 2 loops on the long row -closest to the hook -notice, 3 loops on the hook

crochet first row

8)  Snatch the yarn with the hook and pull it through the first two loops- now there are only 2 loops on the hook

crochet single stitch

9)  Snatch that loop closest to the hook and pull it through the last loop on the hook

crochet first row stitch

10)  Repeat this process all the way down the row.  You will still be doing this 13 times same as the previous row

crochet first row single stitch

11)  Continue this process of crochet until your rectangle is around 5 1/2 tall.  You can make this a custom length depending on your hand and how large you like your wash cloths.  Make  adjust this if needed

crochet wash cloth tutorial

12)  When you are happy with everything, cut your yarn and pull it through the crochet stitches to hide the tails

crochet pulling your ties through

Here is a quick closeup of the crochet stitches

crochet up close

crochet wash cloth how to

If you are ready to try a few other crochet patterns or projects– check some more out over here:  Crochet projects!

2 thoughts on “Crochet Dishcloth Pattern

  1. Ramona

    Thanks. I have been trying to make these out of netting. These would make nice wash cloths for babies.

  2. Karen

    Hi Becky:
    Do you have a written pattern?
    May I make a suggestion for your tutorial, tell what type of stitch is being made when you show and give written pattern. I need both to learn how to do something. Thank you.

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