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This method is so slick, I think you are going to love it.

This tutorial and video will show you how to sew half square triangles using fabric strips or jelly rolls.

It’s so quick and simple.

  • There is one thing you’ll need to remember though, the half square triangles will be on the bias. Be careful when you are pressing them so they don’t stretch and get misshapen.


jelly roll OR strips that correspond to the finished half square triangles you are needing

Half Square Triangles with 2 strips of fabric Cheat Sheet (found in the Quilters Resource Library- instructions for access at the bottom of the post)

Additional supplies you may need:


1- Cut your strips of fabric to the size that you need. You’ll be basing these strip sizes on the un-finished half square triangle.

There is a little math to it, but to keep it simple- print off the quick reference cheat sheet for it! If you need a larger size, use the math equation reference to figure it out.

2- Lay, right sides together the strips

3- Sew on BOTH sides of the strips 1/4″ seam or scant 1/4″

4- Using your ruler– line up the unfinished half square triangle size to the SEAM line of the fabric strips. example: I am cutting unfinished 2 1/2″ half square triangles….so I am lining up the 2 1/2″ measurement to the seam of the strips.

*Use washi tape or other tape to mark the measurement. It makes finding the correct measurement on your ruler soooo much easier!

5- Cut the triangle shape of the ruler.

6- Flip the ruler to the other side and line it up again. Cut the triangle shape of the ruler. If you need to make any adjustments to the fabric strips or ruler– moving it’s position so cutting is a little easier, then do that.

7- Repeat until you are done with the strip of fabric.

8- Open the half square triangles and press

9- Check the size of the half square triangles and make any trimmings you need to get it to the correct size. There shouldn’t be very much, in fact you should be simply cutting off the dog ears. (those are the corner points sticking out)

Make Half Square Triangles from 2 Strips of Fabric – Video

Half Square Triangles from 2 strips of fabric- Printable

Print off the Half Square Triangle Cheat Sheet in the Quilt Library

Get the password for the library including the free quilters cheat sheets

Now that you have your two half square triangles all set, you’ll need to square them up.

This is a super important part of the process and not one that should be overlooked. There have been some pretty major quilt fails for me when I first started quilting- and it was all because I refused to square up my blocks. That was not fun and in fact those blocks are still haunting me! I really need to move them along to something else!

To help you not have as many issues as I did, here’s a quick video on how to square them up.

How to Square Up Half Square Triangles

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For more tutorials on half square triangles, check out: Half Square Triangle Tutorials & Videos

Half square triangle printable Download    Get the password for the library including this free pattern!


This resource library is open to everyone for free. All you need is the password to get in, which you can get by filling out the form below.

Already have the password? Access it here: Quilting Resource Library

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