How to Design your own Quilt Journal

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The Quilt Journal is kind of an important thing.

Even saying that….and knowing it, I am not the best at it!

I really do have the best intentions, but time and whatever else gets in the way.

There is a full quilt journal planner and journal as well as a CLUB that goes along with it.  Those make this journaling thing a lot easier.  Everything is in one spot and on your computer for quick print and use.

Today I thought I would share a few hints and tips.

how to design your own quilt journal. great idea and free printable I can save and print whenever.

How to design your own quilt journal~

Print off the quilt journal page.  It’s free and guess what…you can save it to your computer and print it off as many times as you’d like!

This will allow you to put it into a binder and fill up a whole book if you’d like!  One page covers one quilt.

You’ll find the file in the 16 free printable planner pages for quilters series.  Access and Download info is here.

Let’s go over what it includes for you:

  • Quilt name spot
  • The large open square is for your picture to be placed
  • Additional areas for writing your pattern name, date you started and finished the project, pattern designed by, quilted by, and the fabric you used.
  • Smaller spot for additional notes or story about the quilt
  • Larger spot along the bottom for again more notes

What else can you write in those empty spots?

Here are some ideas:

  • who you are giving the quilt to
  • the story behind the quilt- why you chose the pattern or fabric colors
  • was this a challenge with a group or just yourself?

You could also add notes about the quilting process.  Was there a mistake or miss matched block placed in it on purpose?  Did you make a change to the pattern? Size or technique update?

Designing your own quilt journal can be fun and doesn’t have to be over done.

It takes a simple page, a couple of minutes and a few pictures.

If you have a lot to say about the quilt…print off another page, or simply add another page just for pictures only and a few additional words.

Print off this page here.

Another quilt journal idea would be to print your own book—

Upload your images and print your own book!  This takes seriously 5 steps.

Super simple and I really do enjoy opening the book every once in awhile and looking through the projects.

Go here if you are interested in learning how to do this.

If you are into printable planner pages….you might enjoy these~

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Do you have a way of journaling your quilts?

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