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Hidden Treasures Quilt Book

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Find out what’s inside the new Hidden Treasures Quilt Book! You’ll love the quilts that are showcased and their background stories.

Today I get to partner with a previous guest designer for the IAQ – Lori Triplett.  I met her at Quilt Market- you can read more about her here, with a trunk show and interview — but today, we are getting introduced to her new book:

Hidden Treasure- Quilts from 1600 to 1860

Last January, I was the guest blogger for the first block of the 2018 Scavenger Hunt, with Windswept Aster. It’s been a while, so I can see why you might not remember me.  

You might also wonder what I’ve been up to lately.  Funny you should wonderThe Triplett Sisters have a new book, “Hidden Treasures, Quilts from 1600 to 1860, Rarely Seen Pre-Civil War Textiles from the Poos Collection.“

This is the third stop on the blog tour, so if you’ve missed the first two stops be sure to check the previous blogs too. 

Find out what's inside the new Hidden Treasures Quilt Book! You'll love the quilts that are showcased and their background stories.

My sister and I had a hard time selecting the 100 antique textiles included in the book, but from the start we always knew we wanted to include a section on the paper pieced quilts.  

It is a technique which I personally enjoy and the “Fabric Stash Jewelry Workshop” a new offering which coordinates with this book uses the English Paper Piecing (EPP) technique. BTW we didn’t call the chapter EPP, because that isn’t where the technique originated.  

Yes, you’ll have to read the book to discover where!

My sister Kay had always planned to do a second Red and Green Quilts book, but instead we added a chapter to this book.  

There are sixteen different quilts in this chapter, most which have a truly unique design.

Surprisingly this was not a chapter that snuck any birds in, but we did get some more star quilts added in this section.

Don’t miss the remaining stop on the blog tour to learn more about the Triplett Sister’s upcoming book Hidden Treasures, Quilts from 1600 to 1860, Rarely Seen Pre-Civil War Textiles from the Poos Collection.

Her previous book I still have by the side of my bed. I read it every once in awhile. The quilts are absolutely beautiful and their stories are incredible.  I would highly recommend checking her books out. Especially if you are a history buff!! 

Buy Hidden Treasures Book here –> Amazon, C&T Publishing

Find more of her books here.

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6 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures Quilt Book

  1. Kathie L

    I love to study old quilts, so this would be a treasure to own. Thanks so much.

  2. Donna Keating

    This book must be a true treasure of historical quilts.

  3. Christi

    This will go on my summer reading list for sure.

  4. Gloria

    This sounds like a really well researched volume tracing the history of quilts over the centuries.

    On the subject of EPP, it was my understanding that the technique originated somewhere in the Indian sub-Continent. Though, as with many other things, it could have been China!

  5. Jeannie McCormick

    This beautiful book seems to be full of treasures. I’m most partularly interested in the jewelry. My family has been quilting since the beginning of time. So very interesting.

  6. Inga

    Thank you for sharing this book. It will definitely go on my summer reading list and thank you for putting all your heart in this blog preserving the art of patchwork.

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