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Corner Labels For Quilts – Video Tutorial

Yes, you can make corner labels for quilts!  They are really kind of fun and can come in handy when you need one quick. Plus there is a video tutorial!

Corner Labels for Quilts –

The following video will walk you through the process and you’ll see how simple it really is.

Corner labels for quilts. Learn how to make them with a square of fabric! Video tutorial shows you step by step.

Materials Needed:

Square of fabric 6″ X 6″ (or you can adjust this size if needed)

Sharpie fine point or micron pen for writing with

Sewing Machine

Corner Label Instructions~

1- fold your square in half diagonally

2- iron the triangle

3- pin in place in the corner on the BACK side of the quilt sandwich

4- Stitch the two sides down — scant quarter inch seam. This will hide when you stitch the binding down

5- OPTIONAL: stitch the long edge down with a ladder stitch if you don’t want the pocket open

Corner Label for Quilts Video:


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Great video tutorial for making your own quilt labels! This is so simple and not sure why I don't do more of them!

Have a fun way to do a quilt label?


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