How To Hang A Quilt With Corner Hangers Plus Video

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Hang a quilt with corner hangers! Perfect for mini or wall hanging quilts. Simple to do and they work great. Quilt doesn’t droop!

Hang a quilt with corner hangers

Hanging quilts can be a tricky thing!  They sometimes don’t lay quite flat enough and are lumpy and bubbly around the top.

Today you’ll see how you can make some simple corner pockets that will hold a dowel or a stick across the top. These are perfect for solving the droopy middle when you hang the mini or wall hanging quilt.

Corner hangers for mini quilts. This is so handy and such a great idea! I have a few quilts that need to be hung and this will work!

Materials Needed:

2 squares – equal in size


Corner Hangers for Quilts~

1- fold the square in half diagonally

2- iron

3- place in the corners at the TOP, BACK of the quilt

4- sew along two edges – use a scant quarter inch so the stitching doesn’t show

5- stitch your binding on as usual. This will cover the stitching of the corner pockets / hangers

How to hang a quilt with corner pockets video~

Corner hangers for mini quilts. So simple to do and these work great every time!!!

Here’s another fun way for hanging a mini quilt~

Have a trick for hanging mini quilts?

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